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Tianeptine Sodium. Tianeptine sodium is an anxiolytic compound. Recommended Storage: Tianeptine sodium powder is hygroscopic and absorbs air quickly, causing the powder to clump and harden. It is recommended to store it in a cool, dry place, sealed from outside air.

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Tianeptine (Stablon) is a novel antidepressant and anxiolytic used to treat depression in Europe. Tianeptine binds mu-opioid receptors in the brain which may give it an advantage over typical antidepressants.

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Therefore, a single dose of 40mg Tianeptine Sulfate could be equivalent to 12.5mg of Tianeptine Sodium[37][80]. However, some sources have indicated that the Tianeptine Sulfate dosage is approximately double that of Tianeptine Sodium, meaning only 25mg of Tianeptine Sulfate would equal 12.5mg of Tianeptine Sodium[45].

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The sulfate is just irreplaceable in my stack now, I love it. As for your dosing, you're definitely not overdoing it but I really wouldn't go over that 40mg per day. I mean you're not going to suddenly be giving handjobs in an alley for tianeptine if you use 41mg per day, but if you continue increasing it you'll definitely run in to problems.

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Tianeptine Dosage. The tianeptine dosage will depend upon the product that you purchase. If you buy tianeptine powder you must know whether it is sodium or sulfate. Tianeptine sodium powder is usually consumed in doses of 12.5 mg in three separate doses per day. Tianeptine sulfate can be consumed in 1 – 2 doses of 25 mg per day.

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Compared to the sulfate version, Tianeptine Sodium is absorbed faster by the body and its effects can be felt within a few minutes of taking the drug. When it comes to packing, Tianeptine Sodium is available in both powder and pill formats. But the powder format is quite rare since it's not easy to use especially for users new to nootropics.

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What is Tianeptine Sulfate? Tianeptine is an atypical antidepressant, originally developed by the French company Servier in the early 1980s. Compared to more common antidepressant agents that are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), Tianeptine works as a selective serotonin reuptake enhancer (SSRE).

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I am an evangelist for tianeptine sodium, and have personally tested (multiple times) both tianeptine sulfate and tianeptine in free acid form. Neither two worked as effectively for me as tianeptine sodium. In fact, the free acid was so ineffective I converted it myself to tianeptine sodium.

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I had terrible side effects with Elavil and Anafranil but decided to give tianeptine a shot after some further reading. Studies showing its effectiveness for alcohol and benzo were particularly encouraging. DOSE: 13-20 mg tianeptine sodium powder (most frequently 15 mg 3 times daily).

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Tianeptine is an anxiolytic compound that is primarily used for its mood boosting and anti-anxiety properties .This substance also has nootropic abilities in regards to individuals whose cognition is negatively impacted by mood disorders .

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Tianeptine sulfate is said to not be as energizing, which can partly be attributed to the increased dosage that is needed and its slow onset. Tianeptine sodium dosage. For tianeptine sodium, dosage lies around 15 mg – 100 mg range, with 15 mg being the standard dose one would take to feel the effects.

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The recommended dosage of Tianeptine capsules is usually 12-36 mg per day, taken as 12mg individual dosages, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and a final in the evening time. This substance is sold in capsule, tablet and powder form.

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Tianeptine can dissolve up to 100mg per mL in propylene glycol which is nice. You can get your daily dose in a matter of drops which works out with how vile and bitter it tastes. Warm up the propylene glycol to about 130 farenheit before adding the tianeptine and it will dissolve almost instantly.


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Tianeptine has very short half-life, and this means that it has for sure some indirect long-trem effect on brain's endogenuous opioid system. In my experience, Tianeptine is something much more weaker than heroin and cocaine combination, but it is the drug that has effect of that kind, that sort.

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The tianeptine sulfate dosage that's best for you depends on the form that you purchase. Check the product label to confirm whether you have tianeptine sodium salt or tianeptine sulfate. Tianeptine sodium salt powder is best in doses of 12.5 mg, taken three times daily .

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A chemical formula is a way of expressing information about the proportions of atoms that constitute a particular chemical compound, using a single line of chemical element symbols and numbers.

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Sodium and sulfate salts. Like many drugs, tianeptine can be manufactured into various salt forms to achieve maximum bioavailability, absorption, and overall effectiveness. Tianeptine is most commonly found in its sodium salt form because it is the only version that is sold by pharmacies and prescribed by doctors.

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Tianeptine Sulfate Dosage. The question of how to take tianeptine sulfate frequently arises. More research must be conducted before knowing the exact answer to that question. Below is a general reference to the dosage. Tianeptine sulfate comes in capsule or powder form.

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Tianeptine is great, I first got the sodium and then switched to sulfate. With the sulfate I now dose around 60mg in the morning and another 40mg 4 hours later - that way I get a solid 16 hours with less highs and lows out of it.

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Tianeptine is safe at the recommended dose (12.5 mg three times a day) and users may benefit from the neurogenic, neuroprotective and antidepressant properties of the drug without having to worry about addiction and withdrawal symptoms.