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Bulk Bag Hangers: The bulk bag is attached to a bag hanger for raising and positioning the bag into the bag unloader support frame. All bag hangers allow easy attachment of the bag loops while securely holding the bag in place within the bulk bag unloader.

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Our rotary valve, bulk bag unloader, storage silo, and screw conveyor are the many pieces that we can use in your system. Teaming with Cambelt we are pleased to integrate their belt conveyors into our system.

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Alternatively, as the photo shows, our mobile conveyors can be furnished with an integral bulk bag unloader. Mobile, easy to clean flexible screw conveyors can help solve ingredients handling problems within a short pay-back period.

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Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the handling of bulk materials such as powders, granules and pellets. We offer a complete line of equipment including flexible screw conveyors, bag dump stations, dust collectors and bulk bag unloaders to efficiently convey, unload or weigh virtually any bulk solid material.

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The enclosed flexible conveyor, which travels from the bulk bag unloader to the agitated tank sitting on the 12-ft high mezzanine, contains dust. The flexible screw conveyor transports the surfactant flakes 26 feet at a 42 degree incline, making a slight bend, through a 6-in hole cut in the mezzanine to the agitated tank.

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AFC Bulk Bag Unloaders provide safe and efficient discharging of FBICs (bulk bags). Available in two configurations, the bulk bag unloader can be provided for use with forklift, or with an integral powered hoist.

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The Flexible Screw Conveyor Operation. Flexible screw conveyor operation begins when product enters the sealed tube as the auger rotates (the shape, design style, size, and length of the auger are factors selected for each specific bulk material handling application).

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Flexicon Corporation Flexicon Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of bulk handling equipment and custom-engineered and integrated plant-wide systems that transport, discharge, fill, weigh, blend, deliver and/or feed a broad range of powder and bulk solid materials.

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bin, vacuum and screw conveyor applications Many more features and options available Industry leading two year warranty on all parts and workmanship See back page for additional options and specifications. UNLOADING Systems BULK BAG Smart Solutions To Keep You Moving! ph: 616.738.9000 (or) 800.753.8947 fax: 616.738.9001

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Bulk Bag Unloaders. A wide range of bulk bag unloader models are available plus loss-in-weight, integral hoists, bag massagers, spout & liner control, and mobile frames. Spiroflow bulk bag unloading equipment's advanced, patented features allow total containment of dusty, hazardous and poor flowing products.

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Diaphragm pumps for light density powder conveying from bulk bags; Screw conveyors for unloading Super Sacks. Cleated belt conveyors for elevating materials from bulk bags and Super Sacks. Dry to liquid eduction system for bulk bags (lime, water treatment, etc). Flexible Screw Conveyor for elevating dry materials from bulk bags and FIBCs

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Bulk Bag Unloader with Dual Helix ® Flexible Screw Conveyor Sanitary Components. Efficiently process bulk powders for sanitary applications; Bulk Bag Unloader quickly and completely discharges material into a Series 500 Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor; Material is fed through a sifter and transferred by a second Helix ® FDA and USDA Complaint

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Our systems have bulk bag unloaders, screw conveyors, rotary valves, storage silos and more. Our systems are custom, configured to integrate into your next powder bulk system. One rotary valve, One Bulk Bag Unloader or a full material handling system is what we do.

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Bag Dump Bulk Bag Unloader Flexible Screw Conveyor Live Bin Screw Conveyor Silo M F I DB-2 Feeder CB1 Mixer Vibratory Tube Conveyor Bin Activator MetaTech™ Feeder Static Hopper APB Belt Feeder Flexible Screw Conveyor (4) In continuous operations, Metalfab Bulk Bag Unloaders can discharge product directly into a trouble-free Metalfab MetaTech™

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Spiroflow Systems manufactures flexible screw conveyors, including a beveled profile screw for smeary products and pigments. Other products include aero-mechanical and vacuum conveyors, material handling conveyors, bulk bag fillers, dischargers and bag dump stations.

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Convey, load, unload, weigh, feed, and process virtually any bulk solid material Flexicon Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of bulk handling equipment and custom-engineered and integrated plant-wide systems.

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The operation of the forklift-style bulk bag unloader begins with the forklift driver lifting the bag transporter off of the unloader frame using the integral lift pockets. The transporter has four safety hooks that will securely hold the bag during the bulk bag discharge process.

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Big bag dischargers, bulk bag unloaders, FIBC dischargers, or super sacs for dry… Hopper with screw feeder is designed manual discharge and feeding of 55 lbs bag…

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BULK-OUT® Sanitary Bulk Bag Weigh Batch Unloading System with integral flexible screw conveyor and BAG-VAC® dust collector shown with safety interlocked doors in open position and manual dumping station bag tray in lowered position.

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Our flexible screw conveyors are commonly used with our UltiMAX TM bulk bag unloaders, bag break stations or large storage hoppers. Major advantages of FlexMAX ® Flexible Screw Conveyors: Hoppers feature true 60 o feed hopper sides and FASTFLO rounded corners eliminating product hold up

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Our Bulk Bag Unloaders, also known as Bulk Bag Dischargers safely support bulk bags with a lifting frame. The frame can be used with a fork lift or an optional hoist and trolley system. Once the bulk bag is in place, the operator can untie the bottom bag spout in a dust tight environment.

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Bulk Bag Systems. Bulk bag dischargers; Bulk bag fillers; Bulk bag conditioners; Sack Tip Stations. Bag emptying station; Flat bottom extractors – Flat bottom agitators; Powder Feeders. Volumetric feeders; Gravimetric feeders; Powder Conveying systems. Flexible screw conveyors; Spiral rigid conveyors; Shaftless Screw Conveyors; Screw ...

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The new Bulk-Out bulk bag weigh batch unloading system with manual dumping station and flexible screw conveyor automatically conveys weighed batches of contamination-sensitive materials to downstream processes and allows rapid sanitizing.

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bulk bag unloaders and fillers vibrating bins volumetric screw feeders & conveyors volumetric belt feeders weigh feeders & batchers vibrating conveyors vibrating screens spiral conveyors continuous blenders gravimetric belt feeders flexible conveyors system integration