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Rongsheng origin. Refractory manufacturing company. Zhengzhou RongSheng Kiln Refractory Co. Ltd. is one of leading manufacturers and distributors of high quality refractories for use in industries including steel plants, cement producers and glass works.

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Heat Stop 50 Refractory Mortar - Fire resistant mortar for fireplaces and brick ovens. NEW LOWER PRICE! One of our top-selling products, Heat Stop 50 is the masonry construction industry standard for high-temperature refractory mortar. This product meets

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Refractory Cement We are a renowned manufacturer, exporter and service provider of a qualitative range of High Temperature Refractory Cement which is developed in our robust infrastructure. This assortment includes various products such as Accoset 50 Cements, Castable Refractory Cement, Refractory Thermotex Cement, etc.

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Refractory Castable Cement Refractory castable cement Our dense refractory castable cement is specifically designed for the making of pizza oven domes, barbecues, furnaces lining and similar cooking appliances where the storage of heat is necessary.

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Insulating Castable Refractory is made of aluminate cement, high alumina fines, ceramsite and some other annexing agent, which is the best ideal product for positions with alkali erosion in the high temperature with its excellent features of lightweight, high compressive strength, acid and acid gaseous corrosion resistance, thermal insulation ...

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High temperature refractory cement has certain high temperature resistance, which can keep high strength at the high temperature and can improve its high temperature resistance property along with the CA2 content increased. So high heat refractory cement is suitable for making all kinds of refractory concretes' binding agent.

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Refractory Castable Classification. Refractory castable classification: According to its properties and functions, this refractory castable can be classified into insulation refractory castable, high alumina concrete, low cement castable(LCC), steel fiber castable, and so on.

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Chips, cracks, and holes in fireplace masonry are no problem for Rutland Castable Refractory Cement. Just add water to the dry mix, apply and set - cement dries as hard as fire brick. Relax and enjoy your newly-restored fire pit - you can even use this product to create solid stone beds or to cast stunning custom shapes.

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Refractory cement is a kind of castable refractory which refractory temperature is about 1580℃. It is also called aluminate cement. In the refractory cement composition, calcium aluminate takes the main part, and the amount of alumina is about 50%.

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The Harms of Fake High Temperature Refractory Cement. The high temperature refractory cement is indispensable material in the field of industry. However, the market of refractory cement is mass. It is possible to be cheated in the purchasing of refractory cement. Some manufacturers may produce their products in the tiny workshop.

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Calcium Aluminate cement and Lime will work the best as the cement in hot cooking conditions- This applies to refractory concrete as well as to heat resistant mortars. (Lime is sometimes mixed into fire clays. This is mixed like a normal cement based mortar, but with half the cement replaced with the lime.

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A 3000°F refractory castable ideal for high temperature applications ... Refractory mortar ... Castable Refractory Cement 85% Alumina Dense Castable, 55 Lbs ...

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High Temperature Refractory Cement, also called aluminate cement, adopts bauxite and limestone as the main raw materials through firing to get clinker with 50% alumina content and main component of calcium aluminate and then grind the clinker to be hydraulic cementing materials.

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High Temperature Tools & Refractory is your source for refractory and other knifemaking supplies. We specialize in high temperature tools and refractory for forges, kilns, and heat treating applications. We have been serving the needs of industry, small business, and the individual craftsman since 1999.

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Kast-O-lite 30 LI Insulating Castable Refractory: This is a 3000 degree F, High Alumina Insulating Castable Refractory for making forges. You can cast the entire refractory liner for a forge or just the floor using this material!


Everset refractory mortar. It has been used successfully for many years to build brick kilns and other high temperature refractory structures. Fire brick with Everset refractory mortar can be used success-fully to build fire-exposed masonry, but only if the motar joints can be kept very thin. r Joint thickness should not exceed 0.125 inch (3 mm).

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Download refractory cement recipe two. Refractory Cement Recipe #3. Note: This recipe is for absolute bare bones refractory cement. What You Need: Pure Perlite Standard 2.0-5.0 mm; Fire cement rated a minimum of 1400⁰F or higher. (Make sure it is at least 1800⁰F for brass.) Formula. 4 parts Perlite + 1 part fire cement. What to Do:

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Mix castable refractory cement with water, which let the cement express the higher chemical strength like a hard rock and can bear the high temperature reaching 3000 degree. RS 3000 degree castable refractory cement is a kind of dense refractory castable that can resist 3000˚F, which has low iron content and high purity.

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Refractory Cement Description . Refractory cement and raw materials are hard, heat resistant materials that are suitable for applications that require high temperature strength, wear resistance, electrical or thermal insulation, or other specialized characteristics.

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Leading Brand Refractory Materials! No need to shop around for Refractory Materials like Refractory Cement, Fire Brick, Castable Refractory, Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Silica Sand, Hydrated Lime or even hard-to-find Fire Clay, we'll send you all of the refractory materials you need directly to your home or jobsite with FREE DELIVERY!

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Pre-mixed, fiber-reinforced, high temperature silicate mortar. ... ideal air set mortar to be used with high duty ... DEVIL 1611 Castable Refractory Cement.

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Heat Stop Refractory Mortar. All national building codes specify refractory mortar conforming to ASTM C-199 for installing firebrick and clay flue liners in masonry fireplaces and chimneys. Easy to use, economical and versatile, HEAT STOP® resists temperatures well above 2000° F, assuring code compliance and a quality installation.

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