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Expanded clay pebbles resemble oddly shaped, semi-rounded pieces of clay-colored popcorn. The high-heat popping during the manufacturing process gives the medium its large, airy macro-pores (spaces between each piece of expanded clay), in addition to its micro-pores, which are contained within each piece of expanded clay.

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Clay pebbles Lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) or expanded clay (exclay) is a light weight aggregate made by heating clay to around 1,200 °C (2,190 °F) in a rotary kiln . The yielding gases expand the clay by thousands of small bubbles forming during heating producing a honeycomb structure.

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Hydroton, otherwise known as lightweight expanded clay aggregate (Leca for short), has lovers and a few haters as well, like any medium available. Allow me a bit of your time to lay out the good, the bad, the "do's," and the "don'ts" of this product.

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For best results, rinse all expanded clay before use. It is reusable as long as it is thoroughly cleaned between uses. Hydro Crunch Expanded Clay Growing Media Hydroponic 50 L 8 mm Aggregate Pebbles

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Arcosa Lightweight is the largest producer of rotary kiln expanded shale and clay lightweight aggregate in North America, with production facilities in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas and Louisiana.

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Laterlite Expanded Clay is a lightweight aggregate made by expanding special natural clays at high temperature (1200°C). It is supplied either as granules in a range of sizes or as a crushed version, with a unique set of characteristics.

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Alfa expanded clay is an efficient and lightweight aggregate with outstanding fire resisting and insulation properties. Alfa Aggregates Products Ltd are leading suppliers of green roof substrates, with over 10 years of experience providing quality growing media into the construction industry.

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Description. LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate). This free-draining medium is manufactured by mixing sodium with clay and firing in a rotary kiln to burn off the sodium, forming round pellets of various sizes, each pellet having 'honeycomb' spaces inside.

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Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) is produced from expanded clay, shale, or slate as well as waste brick powders, at temperatures ranging from 900 to 1250 °C in a rotary kiln [6]. This ...

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Expanded Clay Aggregate. Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include expanded clay aggregate, lightweight expanded clay aggregate - construction and lightweight expanded clay aggregate - agriculture.

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Leca is initial letters for light expanded clay aggregate. Expanded clay aggregates are porous ceramic products with a uniform pore structure of fine, closed cells and with a densely sintered, firm external skin.

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Expanded or expandable clay aggregate is a commonly used hydroponic grow medium. It is a lightweight aggregate that is heated in a kiln oven to a temperature of 2,910 degrees Fahrenheit (1,200 degrees Celsius).

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Expanded clay aggregates are porous ceramic products with a uniform pore structure of fine, closed cells and with a densely sintered, firm external skin. It is manufactured in rotary kilns from raw materials containing clay minerals.

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Leca® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate has been an important ingredient for civil engineers throughout the world in providing the perfect material to solve a variety of engineering issues when developing Green Roofs within a city landscape.

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Leca® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate Insufill is the fastest and easiest method of preparing an insulated oversight for a concrete slab or screed. It is a lightweight insulation that cuts solid floor construction time by hours .

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The paper describes a development and use of lightweight concrete and lightweight self-compacting concrete using artificial lightweight aggregate based on expanded clay for ready mix concrete and precast elements.

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The Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Institute (ESCSI) was founded in 1952 and is the international trade association for manufacturers of ESCS lightweight aggregate. ESCSI promotes the extensive use of ESCS lightweight aggregate. Based on research and development, educational material is disseminated to all phases of the building industry.

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All Expanded Clay is not the same! Hydro Crunch Expanded Clay Pebbles are made with only the highest quality clay, producing a media that is uniform, stable and low in inherent E.C, meaning you get the best outcomes from your plants. Our special kiln-fired Expanded Clay Pebbles are lightweight aggregate that is super-heated and formed into ...

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This product varies in weight but averages about 5 lbs PLANT!T horticultural clay pebbles are made from 100% natural clay. They are clean, pH stable, and offer great aeration and drainage in hydroponics, especially in flood and drain, deep water culture, and drip feed systems.

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Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) is a unique Green Construction Material which is 100% Natural and Inert light weight aggregate. Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) is a round pellet structure produced by firing natural clay at temperature of 1200°C. The result is a hard, honeycombed structure of interconne Read More About Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA)...

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The expanded clay is obtained by the heating of different types of clay, at a temperature of approximately 1200 °C, using a rotary kiln. The principal characteristic of the expanded clay is to have a density three times smaller than normal aggregates. Usually, the density of this type of clay is 350 kg/m 3.

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The superior qualities of expanded shale, clay and slate lightweight aggregate are effective and economical in many applications.

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Mix 0-20 mm Uncoated lightweight expanded clay aggregate with NHL for use with limecrete floors as an insulating, light weight aggregate in slabs. The 10-20 mm Coated version of the lightweight clay aggregate is free-draining and is non-capillary action.